2018 Best Fitness Tracker for pregnancy

2018 Best Fitness Tracker for pregnancy

Pregnancy is a most beautiful phase of life for every single girl. According to an old saying giving birth to a child is a most precious moment. This is something which mesmerizes you and eradicates the whole pain of pregnancy. The pregnancy period of 8-9 months is quite stressful for a mother. Physical and mental preparations are the two basic needs during pregnancy tenure.

Tracking devices detailed information: 

Nowadays there are numerous products which can guide you in a proper way. Some apps or few tracking devices are there which provides you effective benefits. These devices contain home ultrasound as well as baby health monitors etc. By using these wearable health tech devices, you will feel secure and safe. Therefore, we can say it is a golden age in which pregnancy gadgets are also available in the market. With the portable mobile devices, pregnant women can search for help through apps or tracking devices. This is referred as a convenient way of taking care.

There are enormous handful tracking devices which every pregnant woman can use on her phone. This is something that will provide an extraordinary lifestyle for a pregnant woman. Even husbands can help their wives get in this process. Instead of going through the struggle of pregnancy pain the tracking devices will provide you an exact information about your health. This will give whole information to parents in detail. In this certain query are involved such as how a baby is growing inside the womb, is the position of the baby accurate or not etc.

2018 Best Fitness Tracker for pregnancy:

In the year 2018 numerous tracking gadgets are introduced in the market. These wearable tracking devices have helped parents in the painful phase of pregnancy. Moreover, the beneficial thing is that these devices are not tough to use. Some of them are explained below:


  1. Bloom life:

Bloom life is considered as the best fitness tracker for pregnancy. It is like a wearable sensor which is used by pregnant ladies with a twist. There is no need to wear this device for a whole day. This is applicable for one, two or three months of the third trimester.

You can wear it on your belly it will stick easily to your tummy. The purpose of wearing this device is it will count or measure the timing of contractions. According to scientific words, it will identify the both Braxton Hicks and labor conditions via electrical signals. These signs are calculated from the uterine muscle. This data is then further viewed on the iOS as well as an Android app. This is a certified product which is developed by a huge team. The panel working behind it has undergone through four clinical studies which shows the track and tech changes in several contraction patterns.


  1. Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Audio Belt:

As the name indicates this Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Audio Belt is something through which you can easily play the music. The pregnant ladies can easily tie this belt toall around their belly. This will provide you a comfortable or you can say a convenient method to play music. Now a unique feature of this device is that the music played by Ritmo Advanced Pregnancy Audio Belt can be heard by a baby in the womb.

This Portable, as well as the lightweight audio device, will double up the experience of a pregnant lady. You can easily recharge the battery of this support belt which can last for up to 15 hours. Thus, it is a portable device which will not require a large space in your cupboard.

It looks like a portable speaker which can be connected to an MP3 player as well as a smartphone. An individual can also connect the two or four mini speakers. And these speakers are easily positioned around the belt so that the audio can be easily spread around the womb. If you are considering that the audio will affect the baby inside the womb then do not worry.  The frequency of sound is too fine that the decibel level is highly safe and secure.


  1. Bellybuds:

This is a device which looks like a headset or wireless headphones that are generally worn around the ears. But as we are talking about Bellybuds, this is a device which is used as a baby-bump sound system. A mother can attach these buds to tummy and then play the music or can also record the voice in utero. It is something through which parents can deliver their message to a child in a womb.

The above 2018 best fitness tracker for pregnancy is available at affordable prices. These devices will provide the mental stability to mother. Instead of thinking about unnecessary things a mother can connect with a child in a womb. The movement of a baby can also be identified by various tracking devices.

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