2018 best smartwatches for the iPhone users

2018 best smartwatches for the iPhone users

The watch that tick-tocks on your wrist are not just for keeping you aware of the running time but has also become a status and style statement in this extravagantly fashionable scenario. Everyone desires to wear something distinguished and walk down the aisle all geared up with high-fashion and techno-rich accessories.  Apple has set standards that every technocrat company needs to match to establish its territory in the electronic world.  Smart watches have exaggerated an array of technologies that can be induced into a watch and here are some best wearable smartwatches for the iPhone users:

  1. The apple series 3 watch 

Knowing about this piece should not leave you astonished and shook that this apple watch has the capability to work with your iPhone. Were you ever aware of this that one of the series of this watch allowed you to make a call without being dependent on any kind of Wi-Fi connection or an app? This watch is independent as it has nothing to do with the phone. Even if the phone is nowhere in the proximity, this watch works. This watch has the capability to give you weather forecast and even send a text.

  1. The Samsung gear sport

People aiming for turning fit and posing as fitness freaks will find this watch as their best partner. This watch can show you the maths regarding the calories as to whether you are close to your goal or running away. The watch can turn into a trainer for you suggesting you over 60 workout plans by sending them to your phone. After the upgrade, the watch has been induced with the capability to work with the iPhone and even Android phones.

  1. The German Fenix 5

The watch features all the good things that an ideal watch should possess. The watch comes with durable features like rear case and bezel made of stainless steel. The watch can keep you informed about your pulse rate as it has sensors at the back that can sense the beat of your wrist. You can best use it to analyze if your breaking a sweat at the gym helps you and pays you well off or not. When it comes to battery life, there will be no regrets on the money spent. It has a battery life of two weeks. Yeah, that shook you.

  1. The Asus ZenWatch 2

This watch has a lot to offer for its price. The watch comes with three case finishes, one of which has the most alluring color, rose gold and it comes in two sizes. You have the chance to select from numerous faces that match your likes and dislikes. Many of them are already built-in and yet you have the option to design one of your own using the iPhone. It comes with other perks like a pedometer and can become the little doctor that will keep you informed about your health.

  1. The Fossil Q Explorist

This watch can be considered as the best choice if you are looking for something classic. The watch comes with a metal band and has a battery life of almost 24 hours. This makes it easy for you to charge the watch when you fall asleep at night. The wearable fitness watch comes with a built-in fitness feature that keeps you well-informed about the health and the activity level. This watch comes with Bluetooth connectivity that has the capability to seamlessly send notifications to the phone. The feel of controlling the music running on your phone without having to take it out of your phone will make you feel so luxurious and restful.

  1. The Motorola moto 360

If you feel lethargic to type, this watch comes with the feature of responding to voice commands. How easy is that, right? The watch has the battery saving mode by controlling the graphics that are visible on the screen. The touch of the watch allows you to design your own emoji if you feel there is nothing in the list that matches your moods.

These amazing watches flaunting technological abilities will make you feel distinguished and confident amongst a crowd of zillions.

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