3 Growing trends in wearable technology

With the use of voice commands to track the total calorie count and much more, the wearable technology is expanding its vision and reach across the globe. Industry leaders have predicted immense growth in the wearable technology devices.

With the significant development of technology; and lack of time the generation Z is quite dependent on tech-friendly devices and gadgets which can help you overall. From ambitious entrepreneurs to tech freak app developers; everyone is ready to adapt to the latest trend of wearable technology since it helps you regulate many things in just a click. There are ample of trends that will dominate the consumer IoT in 2018 and even the years to come. The only catch is one should be aware about the best place where you can get and create these trending tech gadgets easily. The wearable technology is amongst the handiest one for people who do multi-tasking. From communicating at two places at one go to respond in instantly; wearable technology has an answer for all. Here are the top 3 trends which have grown and are expected to grow in the coming time:


  1. Smart watches which have gone smarter:  Today, Smart Watch work as auxiliary tools which enhance the mobile experience, but they will soon become smart. In 2018, we can expect advanced watches that are not only compatible with your smartphones, but also can replace their requirement. Although we can monitor daily activities and health records using our Smartwatch, we can also get the information in a more efficient manner in the future. For example, we can determine the level of glucose in our blood, connect it with our schedule, monitor the level of our stress throughout the day, and isolate the people and the meetings that give us the most stress. To add into the same, we can also create a calendar of our most important meetings for the day as well as manage the electric appliances too.

Wearable apps and devices can emerge as the most efficient solution to handle IoT devices. Both home and work are heading towards intelligent devices which are IoT friendly, and this technology will demand a device which can be used to manage the gadgets and various appliances.


  1. Wearable IoT in Health Care:-  With wearable apps and equipment on the roll, a wearable gadget can help doctors to easily track the condition of the patient and determine important insights, which can lead to more advanced diagnostic procedures. Hospitals can be a powerful solution to wear both to save time and resources. For example, JFIR can be connected anywhere by bio patch, an FDA-approved device, patient’s chest, so that they can observe their condition and provide a real-time data to their doctors. These devices can be used to send an alert on doctor's compatible device, which can help them secure the life better than what it was used to be in early times. Apart from this, wearable IoT enabled gadgets can effectively be used to operate wheelchairs, prostheses, and other accessories which can actually extend a helping hand to people who are accompanying the patients. Wearable technology has also enhanced the listening experience; the various accessories compatible with various phones makes it a treat to listen and dance to your favorite number or when you discuss a crucial matter over the phone.

For example, Reicound LNX2 allows the user to control their hearing through the iPhone app. With the invention of wearable technology, it is easy to collect complex information that addresses many health concerns; and to keep a track of what a person goes through in his day to day routine.


  1. Advanced VR Experience:-  In addition to improving user experience, wearable tech will open new business opportunities too. Entrepreneurs also get an opportunity to experiment with creating new apps while for the users the VR experiences help them to sneak through what they always wished to experience. Advanced wearable devices mean that developers will need to make apps for the new system and come up with better data collection methods using wearable and mobile. VR and AR devices are packed with a variety of experience and can turn out to be really productive when it comes to research and studies.\n

We have already seen smart glasses that provide a more attractive and advanced user experience. Tech giant Google, Intel, and Microsoft are trying to come up with glasses covering the necessities and predicting what the future of technology holds for the next gen. Onlinewearable.com has ample of latest trending gadgets which can help you experience the life in a better way and make it a bit hassle free. You can buy everything here from an IoT enabled smartwatch to a latest VR Gadget; everything is discoverable at a competitive price only at Onlinewearable.com; the one-stop online store for your tech-based needs.

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