Best Gaming Headsets in 2018 for PS4, Xbox, PC, and Mobile

Best Gaming Headsets in 2018 for PS4, Xbox, PC, and Mobile

What should be the most important thing for a gamer arsenal besides his gaming station? The answer is simple the headsets, which let him listen to the virtual world of the game. They became important as they are an important source of communication with other playing the same game. Whether the game is fortnite or monster hunt, they mostly work the best in the co-player mode hence communication with other player becomes essential to win the games or particular level. So, headset or headphone became vital not only to listen but to communicate.

A hardcover gamer can tell you the necessity and importance of investing in a good quality headset. They are pre-requites for every gamer whether he is a professional or armature. But the serious issues arise when an individual goes to buy a good quality wearable headset as their wide variety is available in the market.

This could lead to a serious confusion and may affect the buying decision. The purchasing process requires a detailed research that can be a tedious job to do. So, here is a researched list of the best gaming headset for your different gaming platform.

Turtle Beach – Elite Pro

These headsets are conceded as the best headset in 2018. The headsets are compatible with different gaming platform and mobile and offer the high-quality fit system known as ComforTec™ Fit System which allows the user with more comfortable experience. The ear cushions are made of Aerofit with 50mm Nanoclear Speakers.

Steel Series Arctis 7

In short period of time Steel series has gained a huge reputation in the gaming community for their high-class headsets. The wireless head headset offers an X7.1 surround sound with 24 hours long battery life. The design is light in weight and comes with a Ski Google suspension band to enhance comfort.    

V-Moda Crossfade Wireless 

With unmatchable battery life and excellent comfort, V-Moda can be a great option when it comes to gaming headsets. The seamless design of the headsets adds another feather in the cap and it also has a studio sound quality built-in microphone with strong Bluetooth connectivity.

Sennheiser GAME ONE:

It is an equipment with transducer wearable technology which has a very clear sound system. It can be used with different platforms like PC, MAC, consoles, mobiles etc. It has a mic which cancels the noise making the experience of playing the games even more fun. It is a lightweight equipment with the open back design.

 HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro:

It is a wireless, long lasting equipment which has an amazing battery life. It has a microphone which can cancel the noise from outside. It has an aluminum frame with a headband which can be compatible with PS4 and a computer.

Creative Sound BlasterX H7:

This equipment has a very clear system of noise and an enhanced quality of the mic, making it the best headset for the gamers while playing the games. It has a sleek look and is long lasting. The sound system is of great quality with high mids and lows, balancing the sound.

Asus ROG Centurion 7.1:

It is a wired, heavy and bulky headset which has a flexible mouse for producing clear voice and minimizing the picking up of the noise from the background. These are very comfortable because of interchangeable cushions which are designed for providing the maximum comfort to the gamers. The control of the headset is very simple to use and the audio is completely immersive giving the gamer a feel as if he is presently in the location and has to accomplish the mission in reality.


The company is known for offering an exceptional headphone with a great deal of attention given to enhancing the comfort with superb sound quality. The appealing design and microfiber mesh fabric with memory foam increases the level of comfort. These witless headphones come with noise canceling microphone to render crystal clear audio.   

Astro Gaming A50

It is considered as the best headphones in the market. Astro Gaming A50 offers the gaming features which makes it a versatile gaming headphone. With all around compatibility with every gaming platform, such PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and mobile, these headsets give the game an experience of Dolby sound and precise unidirectional microphone with flip mute function. 

So, here is the list of the best gaming headsets of 2018 and these can be easily bought on our website accompanies with amazing discounts and much more! Rush for exciting offers.

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