The new-age smart glasses – Why have they become a trend of late?

Like many of its counterparts, glasses have also made a comeback with all-new and trendy features. We are not talking about the multifocal or the kinds with progressive lenses to accommodate both near and far vision. No- these smart glasses are really smart, clubbing their usual work with several more additional ones such as virtual reality and gaming experiences.

The reason why it has become quite a trend of late due to the additional and much cooler features it sports. The smart glasses come with embedded headphones which makes it a great and non-cumbersome addition while biking. Instead of carrying a protective glass and an additional headphone to enjoy music while on the go, all can be fitted into one smart glass.

Another feature that adds to its attractiveness is its capability to record your driving perfectly like any smartwatches and give you the statistics when you are done exercising.  So, not only do they protect your eyes when riding on a hilly road or on a sunny afternoon, they can now record each of those turns of wheels to make your time worthwhile on the roads.

Added to these features are the hidden mini video cameras on them to record nature’s beauty around you or anything else that you wish to view after your ride. The mini cameras embedded into the glasses are wide angled to provide a comprehensive view of the countryside, without any interruptions, whatsoever.

So, from music to recording your drive, there are a whole lot of features that the smart glasses bring in, including giving an enhanced gaming experience too. Designed to work with specific android phones, the smart glasses with its embedded Bluetooth headphones and excellent glasses can bring in a whole new experience to your everyday exercising.

There are several options available on the online stores- check out the specific features before buying them to enjoy your ride!

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