Things to Consider When Buying a SmartWatch in 2018

With the ticking of the clock, the digital world is overlapping the analog devices. Smartwatches are also one of those innovations which provide a package full of benefits. A smartwatch is nothing, just an extended version of the smart phone. Everyone has the toll of their busy schedules, so it becomes crucial to avoid the wastage of time.

When you are out with your family for dinner and suddenly phone vibrates in the pocket then you can feel the bliss of wearing a smartwatch as you just need to tilt your arm and check whether it is important or not. Smartwatches can now be connected to your smartphone for serving all functionality of the phone such as calls, messages, etc. A fitness tracker is inbuilt in most smartwatches in such a way that it can track the movements, measure the heart rate, and distance covered by its user.

Thinking of buying a smartwatch and perplexed what smartwatch you should lay your hands on? You are not the only who is dealing with this dilemma as every smartwatch lover is likely to go through such a situation so that they do not fall victim to any random brand and end up buying only genuine and trustworthy product. Are there any criteria to select the best smartwatch? Well! There is no criterion, but plenty of experience that has been generated by the consumers all over the world. Here, in this article, we are sharing with all smartwatch lovers some important and indispensable points or you can say “golden points” that must be implemented to buy the best smartwatch only. The mentioned below are points to keep in mind while buying a smartwatch:

  • Compatible design

Due to advancement in technology watches are becoming smaller and slimmer day by day. While choosing a design, you must prefer the watch which is easy to wear and put off. A great choice of color, strap, and design is available, one can choose according to his comfort and trend.

  • Multitasking

One cannot perform a reign of tasks at a particular time, but the smartwatches provide the way to do so. One should always go to buy a watch that can perform multiple functions including GPS, heart rate check, internet connectivity, and digital media player. This will lead to hoarding the precious minutes of various lives. A person need not watch his / her phone every time, one can just tilt his / her wrist in order to avail multitasking.

  • Battery backup

Battery consumption gives a huge toll on the people, whether they are using smart phones or watches. So, one should prefer the purchase accordingly. Mainly the extensive consumption of the batteries occurs due to the higher resolution and the display brightness of smart devices.

  • Display

After Pebble, every single watch has a colored screen. The colored screen makes the photos and app brighter, but the drawback is that it consumes so much battery. But the fact cannot be denied that it is providing many other facilities as they go to sleep mode automatically when not in use. HD smartwatches consume much battery in comparison to non HD smartwatch.

  • Smart phone connectivity

 Very major and vital point that one should keep in mind is the connectivity of the watch with the smart phones. The watch should be operated by wireless as well as wired technology. All the apps and other functionality of a smart phone must be served by the smartwatch itself.

  • Notification alert

The watch should be up to date with technology so that it can provide all the meeting and message notifications. As in the race of being successful, no one has a time to remember and recall the schedules, smartwatch serves this job with the best quality and saves time as well. You can also get the advantage of navigation.

  • Button v/s touch

Smartwatches provide both the ways to operate either with buttons or with a touch gesture, each one having its own advantage and disadvantage. Going to touch screen smartwatch is a no-brainer job. Whereas what is very difficult sometimes with a button smartwatch is it offers a smaller display. A larger display offers a greater view which can aid in better navigation also. One can quickly zoom on a touch screen smartwatch in comparison to the button-based smartwatches.

  • Price

There is a great variation in the prices for various kinds of smartwatches available, whether it is of Samsung smart gear or an Apple watch. Forgetting an optimum price for a smartwatch, one must search for the best prices for various online sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm etc. There are some offers that can be availed at certain festivals.

  • Know Your Brand

The most important thing that comes to one’s mind while buying a smartwatch is what brand one should go for. Plenty of brands are available in the market that is why it becomes important that you end up investing your money and trust in an authentic and reliable brand only. If you have been following any particular brand ever since the beginning of your journey with gadgets, then chances are you will be going after that brand only as you trust the name. In case you are new to buying wearable gadgets, you are likely to scratch your head to trust any name. In such a case, you should consult with your techie friends who keep themselves abreast of the trends in smartwatches.

  • Features

Why do we compare products before making any purchase? Why are we surrounded by so many brands when their products belonging to the same category serve similar basic functions? The answer is quite simple - Features of the product. Though the purpose of any smartwatch is to perform all the functions that a convention watch with dialers perform, but smartwatches come with many other features as well such as music player, GPS, Internet browsing, weather forecast, etc. Depending upon the sort of features you want in your smartwatch, you can buy a smartwatch and make the most of your time with its astounding features. 

  • Specifications

Other than the features of a smart phone, the parameter that matters a lot is its specifications. While buying a smartwatch, mull over the various physical aspects of smartwatch and decide what sort of smartwatch you want for yourself. Your smartwatch must look good on your wrist. It must not be oversize for your wrist. Choose the color combination of your smartwatch accordingly so that it suits your different attires. You can choose a smartwatch that can be customized physically. Many smartwatches come with different straps that can be changed depending upon the occasion. Make sure that you don’t buy any bulky smartwatch as it will greatly overshadow your personality.

  • Reasonable Price

Once you are done choosing the brand, considering the features that you want with your smartwatch, and making up your mind about the specifications, the next and almost final part is making the purchase. For this you need to consider the features of the smartwatch. The price of your watch vary greatly based upon its features. If you find that you are being charged a hefty amount, then give it a thought and see if the features of the watch deserve that much price. This is a sure shot way to be certain that you don’t pay any unreasonable amount for the product.

  • Customer Reviews

Even after going through all the important points mentioned above, if you are still perplexed whether or not you should go ahead with a particular smartwatch, then you can consider going through the reviews of the erstwhile and existing customers of that product. Such reviews are of great assistance when it comes to making up your mind to buy any product. You will be able to go through both negative and positive reviews of the customers and decide accordingly. All the customers located all over the world follow this trend to make their purchases so that they can gain from the experiences of other customers.

Commit to the memory aforementioned strategies to end up buying the best smartwatch only. Save your precious time as well as your money. In addition to this, your friends and relatives can be of great help when you plan to make a purchase. But they are also a consumer; their knowledge about such deals also comes from experience. Taking their assistance will be similar to going through customer reviews. So, if you want to buy the best smartwatch only and not any random product that spoils your money and make you lose your trust in any brand, make sure that you religiously follow the shared knowledge in this article and enjoy good times with your smartwatch.

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