Three features to look for in a swimming wearable

In a market filled with fitness trackers, and heart monitors, one of the most elusive devices is the swimming wearable to track those brisk strokes and leaps. The reason behind this is the limitation it offers in wearing a digital watch or a tracker in water or finding a perfect water-proof device for counting the leaps.

Interestingly now, with the advancement in technology, it is possible to count the leaps too, and keep track of several other things when swimming, thanks to the swimming wearables. With the market inundated now with such products, it pays to know what features to look for, before buying one of them. Let us have a look at three features that sums up a fitness band as the best wearables in the market.

a. Counting laps with efficiency:

Each fitness band has its own way of calculating data. Before buying a band, understand and also think about what data you would like to collaborate. When some devices can be simple and give you the duration of a lap or lap count, some can also give you information about the stroke length, count or the distance and time goal. Buy a band suitable for your requirements- depending upon whether you are swimming for leisure or training for a sports event.

b. Visibility of Data:

Do you love to see the results of your swimming laps immediately or can you wait till it is uploaded on the mobile app or on an internet portal? Again here, when some devices possess excellent screens to display the results immediately, some are made safer and smaller to work better underwater. So, instead of screens, they have mobile apps connected to them to provide the required data.

C. Advanced Data:

Why make swimming wearable just that- to calculate the laps and the swimming lengths alone? Some wearables work as a fitness band also calculating the heart rate and calories burnt and other essential stuff to combine it as a fitness tracker. Here again, if you already have a fitness tracker with you, you can go for a swimming wearable with simplest of metrics embedded in them.
Each swimming wearable comes with distinct advantages. Look at the models displayed online, and compare their prizes before zeroing in on one that will fit you the best.

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