Top 10 GPS smartwatches for kids

Top 10 GPS smartwatches for kids

Top 10 GPS smartwatches for kids

Tiny toddlers when knowing that their legs have an ability to walk they feel they can roam around every corner and cover every mile with their little feet. That might end up the parents in a problem if kids cross certain boundaries and they lose their sight. Now, with the advancement in technology, watches have been facilitated with GPS feature that helps you find your kid anywhere in the proximity. Not only this but some comes with an option to make a call and know the whereabouts of the kids. This way the kids can also stay tension free and kids can also play freely. Here are some wearable smartwatches for kids that are trending these days: 

1.      The LG GizmoPal 2

This watch has been updated with the all-new GPS feature that allows the parents to track the location of their kid. Tying it to your kid's wrist and you can know about his whereabouts by simply opening the companion app on your phone at any time. There is also an option to set safe boundaries and reminders on the watch.

2.      The FiLIP 2

This is a complete solution to all the kid's problem as it is a replacement for the phone and has a GPS feature inbuilt. The watch can act as a phone- by saying that we mean that the parents can make a call on the watch and even send texts to the child. It comes with an outstanding feature that is to activate the emergency mode by just pressing a single button.

3.      The HereO

This is nothing like a normal watch and that can be felt by simply looking at the watch. The watch comes with a battery life of 72 hours and as you tie it on your kid’s wrist you can keep a track of exactly where your kid is for as long as 72 hours that is until the battery exhausts.

4.       AmbyGear Smartwatch

If you expect a watch to do more than just acting as a GPS tracker for your kid, then this is the perfect option which offers many fun games and activities to enjoy. The watch comes with a soft silicone shell to protect the watch and increase the longevity of the watch.

5.       iGPS Watch

The watch is a smart selection for the parents available in the market in the present day. The watch has an effective GPS feature that helps you keep track of your kid. The watch is a wearable technology package that comes with two ways calling, text sending feature and has an option of boundary-setting for the kids.

6.      KiGO Watch

This watch stands above all watches since it offers a worldwide connectivity as it comes with an option to insert a SIM card and is equipped with an efficient GPS system along with a Wi-Fi feature. This waterproof watch is absolutely a stunning piece and that makes it suitable to immerse in the water while taking a bath.

7.      MyKi Kids Watch and GPS Tracker

The most durable watch on the list that comes with a soft covering happens to be an effective GPS tracker for the kids. The coating protects the watch from breaking if the kid falls while playing or hit something.

8.      Wherecom K3 (KidFit 3)

This watch has been designed for kids of age 4-10 years and comes with a GPS feature and many other attractive features for the kids. This watch is absolutely stylish, stunning and rugged. Thanks to the GPS, LBS and Wi-Fi connectivity, so that the parents can know the real-time location of their kids and even make a call if necessary.

9.      SAFE PAXIE Band

It will not be appropriate to call it a smart watch, but it is a bracelet that comes with interchangeable designs and GPS connectivity. The watch comes with heat sensors that will inform the parents by sending a notification if the temperature increases a certain set limit. The app offers a full tracking suite for the parents.

10.   Tinitell

The watch is a wearable watch and a GPS tracker for the kids. This can be used to pick calls by simply pressing the big button in the center. In order to make a call one can scroll through the already saved contacts. This is pretty much the simplest one on the list.

All these watches match your needs and do even more than expected. Tie one in your kid's wrist and live free of any kind of worry about your little flower.


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