Top Trending Smartwatches for Kids

Top trending smartwatches for kids

Tiny tods and flowers going to the school have an obligation to wear the uniform which is introduced by the school in order to promote equality. These uniforms and their playful natures are only allowed to be paired with watches. Strolling through the parks and jumping here and there can leave them uninformed about the time running by and abstain that from happening it is better to gear them up with colorful watches. Trending fashion and styles facilitated us with zillions of options to pick from. When it comes to kid’s section, the array extends the limits.

Here are some fancy and funky wearable smartwatches for kids:

1.       The VTech Kidizoom DX2 – One of the Best Smartwatches for Kids 

The watch is featured with many happening and fun activities that will make kids wear it and never get apart from this watch. Though this watch does not have location tracking ability, but it is a fully featured watch. It is one of the best watches for the kids of age 6-12. The watch is an educational package for the growing minds and has been facilitated with a dual camera.

2.       Garmin VivoFit Jr 2

This watch is ideal for those who are fitness freaks and care about health more than anything. Kids are often indulged into playing and doing activities that gives them a good work out. If you are a parent who wants to keep a count and maintain a health chart of your kid, then this watch will become your partner in the deed. The watch also comes with an option of customizing the screen color to match your outfit.

3.      The Tinitell Watch

If the dinner is ready and your kid is not done with playing, then you can simply make him a call. Not on a phone but on his watch that allows you to call your kid and the kid to call you. How good is that? You can easily know if your kid is safe. Not only this, the watch also has wearable technology with GPS tracking feature to track where the kid is and know his location in a real-time.

4.      LG GizmoPal 2 

The watch is meant for kids of age 4 and above who are toddlers and often walk away from the sight of parents. The watch has a tracking feature that helps the parents to find their kids. The watch also has fun voices and a voice clock that would certainly call out the time at that moment. The gadget also works as a phone that is the parents can call a child to know his whereabouts.

5.      Leapfrog Leapband

The watch has been designed for the kids of age 4-7 years. The basic aim of designing this watch is to remedy the growing obesity problem in kids. The watch promotes and encourages the kids to workout. It makes workout fun by making them choose educational and fun games. It comes with an activity tracker for the kids.

6.      Caref GPS Tracking Kids Watch

This watch is a complete package that comes with a GPS feature and voice and text functionality. That is a bit too much for one watch. The watch can be attached to an iPhone as well as an android phone. The watch allows the kid to send texts and receive calls.

7.      VTech Kidizoom SmartWatch Plus

This watch is for the younger ones. However, some might feel that there is no need of a watch for the younger children. This watch will keep them occupied for certain activities and will indulge them in fun games.

8.      AmbyGear Smartwatch

This watch offers a lot being just one of it’s kind. The watch has GPS connectivity, a smart calendar, and full parental control. The watch stands out as it comes with a feature that allows the parents to add new apps as their kid grows.

9.      dokiWatch

This watch stands amongst all others in the list as this claim to be the only one to have a video calling feature. This is so cool. One can simply make a call and know the whereabouts without even having to ask the kid. The watch features include GPS tracker, video calling, SOS alerts, fitness tracking and parental control.

9.      Orbo Kids Smartwatch

This pretty watch introduces your kid with the astonishing touchscreen technology and a habit a time-keeping. The watch comes with an option to turn it both into an analog and digital watch and also has the feature of a stopwatch.

The above mentioned are only some of the wide array of choices that are available in the markets and online shopping sites. Make sure that your kids stay tuned for time and health and you never lose their sight. So, make them wear a watch and stay free from worry.

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